Yasya at the Children’s entertainment centre | Playground Video for Kids00:00

Title Videos : Yasya at the Children’s entertainment centre | Playground Video for Kids
Duration : 6:26
Souce: Video Share Youtube For Channel Lo Lo Kids

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Watch a fascinating video for kids with the little girl! Yaroslava will play active games at the Children’s entertainment centre! You will see real fantastic adventures of little vlogger! Different trampolines, colourful and challenging swings and labyrinths with obstacles are waiting for you on the screen! Switch on our channel and enjoy super kids indoor games!

Our team:
Producer: Kushnir Vitaly
Artist: Kushnir Yaroslava
Music: Yuliia Mozharova, Lavrenko Serhii
Singer: Duplyakina Vitalyna
Cameraman: Kushnir Vitaly
Copyright: SeeZis Media

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