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Learning is always fun with Super Supremes popular nursery rhymes. We bring to you some amazing songs for kids to sing along with us and have a good time. Kids will dance, laugh, sing and play along with our videos while they also learn numbers, letters, colors, good habits and more!
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0:00 – Peek a Boo Song
2:12 – Going to the Doctor
4:51 – Five little Ducks
6:49 – Sharing is Caring
9:32 – Johny Johny Yes Papa
12:19 – Wheels on the Bus
15:08 – In a Minute
17:27 – Hide & Seek Song
20:08 – Baby Shark Song
23:30 – No No Song
25:31 – Old Macdonald had a Farm
28:17 – Bath Time Club
30:50 – Incy Wincy Spider
33:53 – Amusement Park
36:26 – Body Parts Song
39:09 – Daddy’s Red Car
41:21 – Dinosaur Song
44:04 – Exercise Song
47:00 – Hiking Song
49:22 – I Don’t Wanna
52:38 – Mamma May I
54:36 – Many Hands Working Together
56:46 – Uh Oh Song
59:36 – Who Stole My Toy

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