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Baby John and his friends learn to share and be kind at school with Miss Hannah. Sing along the babies and watch this fun video about their favorite teacher

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List of Kids Songs;
Teacher Song
Finger Family at Daycare
I want to be Big
10 Little Fish
Baby Goes on a Family Vacation
Baby Gives the toys a bath

Thereโ€™s a little toy car
It is mine
You want it too
What should we do?

Teacher says when we play
We must share
Letโ€™s be nice and letโ€™s be fair

I was busy playing
Running around
I went to fast
And I fell down

Teacher always helps me
Sheโ€™s my friend
She makes my boo boo better again

Can we see the animals?
They look cool
I like the animals
We meet at school

Teacher makes it fun
To learn new things
We play games and dance and sing

We must all be careful
When we play
The best kind of fun
Is when we are safe

Teacher will protect us
And teach us rules
So when we play weโ€™re safe at school

When we come to daycare
We love to play
Thereโ€™s something new
To learn everyday

We get fun surprises
Thereโ€™s lots to do
Thanks, Ms. Hannah
We love you

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