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🦋 Title Videos : How To Make Cute Hello Kitty Miniature House from Cardboard for family (Easy) ❤️ DIY Miniature House
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❤️ Welcome to back Cardboard World! I’m Alice ❤️

Who doesn’t like Hello Kitty? She is so cute and adorable. I really want to make a mini house with Hello Kitty themed so here is it. Today I made miniature pink Hello Kitty house from cardboard. It’s have everything like a real house with bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom. I hope you will like my craft project and have relaxing time watching it. Thank you so much ❤️

0:00 | Best Intro made by Cardboard World
0:34 | How To Make Cute Hello Kitty Miniature House from Cardboard for family (Easy)
12:55 | Relax with my pet

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We love a TINY things, MINIATURE HOUSE and MINI items. And We wanna share our PASSION with all people in the world !
“Over 1.9 billion people log into YouTube every month” so i created this channel and build some cute things from cardboard and daily supplies, Recycling them and make some things good from discarded items also cardboard. I wanna share my stories, wanna creating something cute for the world and give you guys relax time with my videos.

I also wanna teach you make something cute, bring good things to the world, bring great videos to you !
We specializes in creating small houses and pretty small objects with easy-to-implement materials.
Our Chanel Not Suitable for children 13 years and younger.

Would you like to join with us on this exciting journey – the journey called Cardboard World?

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