Dress The Princess | And Lots More Original Songs | From LBB Junior!00:00

🌈 Title Videos : Dress The Princess | And Lots More Original Songs | From LBB Junior!

🌈 Duration : 32:32

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00:04 Dress The Princess
01:51 Fancy Dress Party
03:40 Book Song! | We Love Books!
05:10 Tablets and Mobile Phones Song
06:56 Cars Song
08:43 Going To The Doctors
10:30 Everyone’s Different
12:18 Yo-Yo Song
13:49 Funny Animals song
15:34 Birthday Song
16:50 Fairies In The Garden!
18:56 Silly Animal Song
20:50 Learning To Swim
22:42 Dot To Dot
24:22 Growing Up Song
25:54 Dressing Up Song
27:04 Making Friends Song
28:43 Water Has Three Different States!
30:28 Party Games Song

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