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You’re watching “Baby Shark Dance” and more songs, an educational and interactive Sing Along series prepared to you by Pinkfong!

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00:00:00 Baby Shark
00:01:49 Baby Sharkcito
00:04:03 Detective Baby Shark
00:06:59 Baby Shark Faster 1.5x
00:08:00 Baby Shark vs Waste Monster
00:10:12 Baby Shark in the City
00:12:00 Baby Shark Monster Truck
00:14:03 3D Baby Shark
00:15:30 Baby Shark (Painting)
00:17:11 Baby Shark – Rex (Shark costume)
00:18:48 Baby Shark (Dino costume)
00:20:14 8-Bit Baby Shark
00:21:42 Baby Shark More and More
00:23:07 Valentine’s Day with Baby Shark
00:25:23 Baby Shark Robot
00:27:09 Wash Your Hands with Baby Shark
00:28:34 Baby Shark’s Retro Party
00:30:02 Baby Shark in Summer Time
00:31:38 Baby Shark Cheerleader
00:33:14 Rock Star Baby Shark
00:35:17 Acapella Sharks
00:36:44 Disco Sharks
00:38:38 Orchestra Sharks
00:40:34 Good Night Baby Shark
00:41:39 Baby Shark Dream Light
00:43:29 Be Happy with Baby Shark
00:44:43 Valentine’s Day Sharks
00:46:30 Have You Ever Seen Shark’s Tail?
00:47:51 Naughty Ocean Friends
00:49:22 Ocean Parade
00:50:29 Race Sharks
00:51:21 Hide ‘n Seek in the Sea
00:52:33 Clean the Sea
00:53:49 Baby Shark Jobs
00:54:50 Wedding in the Sea
00:56:13 This Old Shark
00:57:11 Adventure of Baby Shark
00:58:36 Shark Dance Party
00:59:52 Baby Shark Teeth

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Baby Shark Dance and more