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You’re watching ‘Baby Shark and more – Back to School with Pinkfong’, a nursery rhyme compilation with kids favorite songs created by Pinkfong!

1 Baby Shark Dance
2 Monkey Banana Dance
3 Baby Shark (Animal Song)
4 Shark Finger Family
5 Five Little Monkeys
6 Clay Baby Shark
7 Monkey Banana Faster Version
8 Disco Sharks
9 Baby Car
10 Baby Shark Dance Dance
11 The Penguin Dance
12 Did you Ever See My Tail?
13 If Sharks Are Happy
14 Five Little Buses Are Jumping on the Road
15 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
16 Shark Bus
17 Pinkfong Baby Shark Melody Stamp
18 Tyrannosaurus-Rex Dance With PINKFONG
19 Baby Shark Dance Remix
20 Color Bus
21 Pinkfong Baby Shark Driver
22 Jungle Boogie
23 The Wheels on the Bus
24 Hakuna Matata

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